Yoga has a history of over 5000 Years in prehistoric Indian philosophy it is a body and mind practice a combination of various breathing techniques, bodily postures and relaxation / meditation.
You will find different types of yoga and a lot of disciplines within the practice In the modern era yoga is well known as a physical exercise that included various poses and exercises that keeps your mind and body hale and hearty.

What Yoga Is ??

Yoga is a south-asian art that has stretched out ( expanded ) all around the globe in the modern society , being recognized as a well-liked form of meditation and exercise .


Till date There is no record about who was the inventor of yoga .
Male and Females practiced yoga for years and male yoga practitioners came to be known as Yogis and female practitioners are known as Yoginis . Yogis and Yoginis practiced yoga for years before any written information was published about yoga .

Over the period of next 5 thousand year , the discipline of yoga was passed on to the students by the male yoga practitioners , as yoga gained esteem all over the globe various schools that taught yoga came into existence .
The most primitive written testimony of yoga in existence that provides the structure for all hte modern day yoga is The Yoga Sutra , a written work on yogic beliefs that shows us how a human being can control his mind and body and focus on spiritual growth .

In the ancient times the yoga was not practiced for being fit instead it was known as a source for intensifying spiritual energy through breathing techniques and being mentally focused , but as the years passed it became popular for its poses and physical postures , and fitness became a priority .
In the yogic philosophy , the imagery of a tree with roots, trunk , branches , blossoms and fruits are used to express the divine message .

There are six branches of yoga :

it is the Hatha Yoga which is described as the physical and intellectual branch that is considered to master the body and mind .

comes the Raja Yoga which involves meditation and firm devotion to a sequence of disciplinary steps known as the “ eight limbs ‘ of yoga

is the karma yoga is described as a trail of service which intend to build a future free from self-centredness and pessimism.

comes the bhakti yoga – aiming to institute a optimistic way to channel emotions, the trail of fidelity and build up acceptance and broad-mindedness

The fifth
one is Jnana yoga which is about perception, developing mental power through learning and the pathway of the scholar

comes the Tantra Yoga expressed as the lane of sacrament, rite, or consummation of a relationship.


The primary focus of yoga i the modern world has been on exercise , flexibility of body , strength and breathing , It helps in enhancing physical and mental condition of an individual .

Yoga has various styles and none of them is much greater or reliable to one another . The solution is to opt a class suitable according to your fitness level.

Types and styles of yoga may consist of :

Ashtanga yoga
is a style of yoga that is based on prehistoric yoga tradition. nevertheless, it became trendy from the starting of 1970s.The unique thing about  Ashtanga yoga is that applies six conventional sequences of poses that quickly connects each movement to breath.

Bikram yoga:
 which is also well-known as "hot" yoga in the modern era , This yoga is practiced in rooms which are synthetically heated at an average temperature of 105 fahrenheit with 40% dampness in there . it fundamentally is a blend of 26 poses and also has a series of two breathing exercises

Hatha yoga  
which is a basic name for any sort of yoga that teaches bodily postures. Yoga classes for this yoga includes common introduction to all the basic yoga postures and poses

Iyengar yoga
the main focus of this type of yoga is to find the correct alignment during each pose with using a variety of prop, such as blocks, covers, bands, chairs, and supports.

Jivamukti yoga
the meaning of jivamukti is  "liberation while living" This yoga  became known in 1984 and integrate pious wisdom and practices that focus on the paced flow among poses rather than the poses themselves. This process is called vinyasa. This yoga can be physically Intense

Kripalu yoga
is one of the most important yoga that teaches you to learn from your own body .  the exercises included in this yoga are generally gentle postures , stretches and breathing techniques which are succeeded by a sequence of individual poses and ultimate relaxation .

Kundalini yoga:
This type of yoga includes asana , pranayama and meditation which helps in making you energetic.

Power yoga: 
this yoga became popular in the late 1980’s , it includes athletic activities and exercises that involves intense body activity .

a yoga that is based ona philosophy called : five-point philosophy. This philosophy shows that the key to a healthy yogic lifestyle is relaxation, exercise, right breathing technique and constructive thinking  .

Any human being regardless of his/her physical ability can perform this yoga . The people who teach viniyoga are highly trained and are experts in the field of yoga therapy and anatomy .

This yoga is also well-known as Taoist yoga , it is a calm yoga that involves meditation .  This yoga release the tension in key joints of the body:

Prenatal yoga: 
This yoga consists of postures that are designed for pregnant ladies. It helps them to get in shape after pregnancy and it also improves health and fitness during pregnancy .

Restorative yoga: 
This yoga focus on relaxation , a person who practice this yoga uses simple poses and use props to sink into deep recreation .

These were the styles and types of yoga , you should also start doing yoga , yoga can help you in  being healthy ,  fit and creating a joyful/ energetic lifestyle