STREGNTH TRAINING is the path for you if your goal is to build bigger muscles .
If your goal is not to get massive muscles then also strength training is a best way to hit your muscles and to remain in good shape.

If you don’t want to look like a bodybuilder you should not do strength training – Many people think this, But it isn’t like that because building huge muscles and growing in size call for specific , high intensity training and diet , and it doesn’t take place overnight

You need to know these Scientific Benefits of Strength Training .

>> Reduced Belly Fat :
A research conducted by some researchers of Harvard where they examined 10,500 men for the period of twelve years and then they published their study in 2k14 which showed that rather than doing the cardio exercises , strength training is much more helpful in reducing abdominal fat .
Strength training does not only help you burn calories but it also add to lean muscle mass, which indeed stimulates the metabolism , so you should definitely include strength training in your next workout session . 

>> Enhanced Cardiovascular Health :
Visceral fat Which is well-known as abdominal fat , get stored up around crucial organs like heart etc whose excess is bad for your health , Strength training reduces the surplus visceral fat and helps in enhancing your heart health .
Studies and researches show that the heart is directly effected by strength training. It was found that young generation who regularly lift weights / do strength training have improved-functioning HDL , or in easy language we can say that they have good cholesterol levels in their body as compared to the other people. It also enhanced blood flow in the body and maintains triglyceride levels. Comapared to cardio exercises strength training has more effective benefits on HDL .

>> It controls Blood Sugar Levels :
Doctors prescribe Type 2 diabetes patients to do strength / resistance training because it not only builds muscles but also enhances the ability of muscles in your body to digest glucosre , or use sugar present in blood what we normally call blood sugar .
Every muscle cells has some carriers present in them that do the job of picking up the glucose that is present your blood and send it to the muscle cells. This function gets better by strength training which ultimately decreases the blood sugar levels in your body.

>> Reduces risk of having cancer :
You might know that Visceral fat also known as abdominal fat can encourage cancer growth. A protein named fibroblast growth factor-2 / FGF2 is a protein that trigger cancer growth and high levels of this protein is produced by visceral fat .  

>> Reduces risk of Injuries :
If you have healthy and fit muscle mass then your body will have better balance , coordination and it prevents injuries , Because if you have weak muscles then much pressure will be exerted on the connecting tendons , which could lead to pain .

>> Build up mental health :
Strength training reduces depression and anxiety , Strength training is good way to have high-quality and healthy daily life and mind .

>> Develop and increases flexibility and mobility :
Strength traiing increases flexibility of your body wether you are male or female doesn’t matter . Exercises that put emphasis on lengthening of muscles rather than shortening are called Eccentric exercises and these eccentric strength exercises can increase your flexibility more than any other normal stretching exercises.While doing strength exercises your body joints go are in motion and this motion range increases over time which facilitates mobility.

>> Enhanced physical appearance :
Physique of a person is definitely effected by strength traiing in a good way , it improves the posture of the person and the body image .

>> Prevents Osteoporosis :
The bone mineral density is improves and increases because of regular strength training , when a muscle contacts in your body while you are doing strength training it stimulates the cells of the bone that it is attached to and produce proteins that facilitate movement of minerals into bones whichin turn leads to strong bones .

>> Develops Healthy Brain :
The strength training advances the blood flow and oxygen is carried more often to the brain through blood during a high strength workout this lead to enhanced brain power and keep your brain full with oxygen and nutrients .

>> Your lifespan Increase because of strength training :
Studies and researches suggest that if you do pump iron regularly and remain fit then you can have a longer life .