Power yoga is expressed as a strong , fitness-based form of vinyasa yoga

People in the modern era also consider power yoga as “ gym yoga “ This style of yoga originally was brought up from the Ashtanga yoga method

Power yoga is a blend of athletic exercises that are involved in Ashtanga and also various sequence of poses that are found in vinyasa yoga .  It focuses on increasing strength , power and flexibility of a person , people all around the globe began to see power yoga as a way of exercising  work out and therefore many gyms / people also included power yoga and yoga in their routine workouts .


The name "power yoga" became trendy through the mid-1990s after two American yoga trainers who had studied with Ashtanga expert Sri K. Pattabhi Jois made what they had endured more handy to Western students.

The people who are given credit for the invention of power yoga are : Bryan kest from Los Angeles and Beryl Bender Birch from New York , they are 2nd generation American Ashtanga students . David Williams taught ashtanga to Bryan and the guru of Bender birth was Norman Allen . Among all the Jois’s students David and Norman were the first and only Western Students . Bryan also accompanied Jois in Mysore , India . Bender who had in the past practiced Iyengar , Kundalini , Sivananda Yoga accompanied jois in his trips to USA in Late 1980’s .

Most of the people around the globe associated yoga with gentle exercises and meditation , So Bryan and Bender Birth used the name Power yoga to differentiate it from yoga because of it is a extreme , athletic and intense style of yoga .
Believe it or not some Yoga practitioners say that power yoga puts too much pressure on physical condition and exercises , also they say that it undermines the holistic and spiritual foundations of the classic yoga .


A yoga practitioner named Larry Schultz who was a student of Jois , studied Ashtanga in the beginning of 1980’s brought in a new form of Power yoga . In the 1990’s Larry studied and breaked down Jois’s technique by mixing the poses of first 3 Ashtanga sequence  , and this style was later came to be known as “ Rocket yoga “

A very famous yoga teacher and practitioner Baron Baptiste successfully introduced his own power yoga style , named Baptiste Power vinyasa , Iyengar and bikram yoga were also studied by Baron . Because of the very diverse terns these innovators had the liberty to introduce techniques and poses from various yoga styles in order to to build something new .

Classes of Power yoga vary from trainer to trainer , but they usually consist of extreme yoga postures, athletic exercises and dynamic , energetic workout that burns calories and keeps you fit .


Power yoga fanatics say that this type of yoga increases mental focus , boost up your stamina , increases flexibility and improves your posture . The Power yoga reduces the stress and act as a stress reliever and it also throws out the toxins present in the body through sweat. As it is vigorous , burns calories and therefore can help you losing your weight .


Before you start doing Power yoga keep in mind that Power yoga is all hard work and consistency . Make up your mind and be prepared for high intensity exercises.
Don;t do power yoga if :

1 – You aren’t quite fit and in good shape , The exercises and poses included in Power yoga are intense and can be harmful for you if you are not in good shape

2 – If you are pregnant

3 – You are suffering from a chronic disease such as Diabetes , arthritis etc

If you have any problem related to your body , fitness . You should consult with a doctor or a physiotherapist before trying power yoga or any exhausting physical workout