Powerlifting is a subsidiary of weightlifting & what we call weight training , it focuses on strength more than the flexibility , mobility , method or speed .

Some of the weightlifters in USA and  UK thought that weightlifting was focused more on techniques , method but not on strength so they developed powerlifting as this involves heavy lifts and strength .The 1st National pwerlifting championship were authorized by Amateur Athletic Union of USA , these championships wrere hosted by a company known as York Barbell Company . The place where these events were held was York , Pennsylvania .

The year was 1971 when International Powerlifting federation was established and First world poweliftiong completion was conducted in York . Since then the sport is extensively practiced in USA and has been taken over by Americans .

The powerlifting competitions usually consist of 3 lifts that are : the squat , the bench press and the two handed dead lift . In performing the squat the top of the thighs of powerlifter should be parallel to the ground or below the parallel position which shows the leg power . Bench press is performed to demonstrate the upper body strength where the lifters are rewuired to pause the barbell at the chest and then push it up . To showcase the whole back and body power the powerlifter raises the weighted barbell from the  ground to the hip level all in one movement.

 In the powerlifting competitions , These lifts may be executed equipped or un-equipped , un-equiped powelifting is well known as raw lifting . Equipment in this situation are bench shirt or a support while performing lifts . Knee wraps are also allowed sometimes in the equipped division .


Not only by doing Powrlifting you gain strength but there are other advantages too , powerlifting is all about lifting heavy weights which help you improve and enhance your bone density so this prevents developing fragile bones.
Power lifting helps you build large muscles because it focuses on each muscle group during compound lifts which increases the body’s balance , strength and coordination When the thickness of the muscles increases in a body of a human being it automatically destroy the fat in your body , so this also helps you in reducing your weight .

How does the poerlifting competition and events work ??

If there is any regional powerlifting competition being held or even if it is a local power lifting competition you can involve yourself in it . If a person want to participate in the national or international events then he/she need to attain a certain age and certain weight for doing that . Different weight categories are featured in these championship events and numerous federations across the globe organize these events .

If you are shorter in height than good news you got an plus point in power lifting for the reason that your arms and legs will be at less distance to move the weights . the judges use Wilks score which considers the weight of body and the weight lifted to decide fair results .  

You migh know that male and female above the age of 14 can take part in powerlifting competitions , this sport has taken more than 100 countries around the globe and it is an thrilling sport .