The solution to a long, amusing and lively life is Remaining fit and well-built. If you want to have the energy that is required to get victory in life then you should have a healthy body and mind .

It is a well known fact that regular exercise and physical activity even at modest levels reduces the risk of various diseases like : Heart attack , cancer , obesity , bone diseases and high blood pressure . If you are a person who exercises daily and is in good shape then good news , You tend to have a better memory , you will learn things quickly and most importantly there is a a lesser amount of chance of you getting into depression . As numerous studies show that being fit and healthy is the best way to prevent / avoid  the risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease ( That a majority of people fear all over the globe )

For the many past years we solely focused on the physical benefits of being fit , healthy and exercising daily and have ignored emotional ,   psychological rewards of being regularly on the go . You might know that when we exercise , it triggers the brain cells and certain chemicals are released in brain that are : norepinephrine , endorphins , serotonin , dopamine – these chemicals indeed reduces pain , lighten your mood and works as a anxiety reliever

Studies suggest that a person who workout regularly slows down his/hers aging process. Exercising on a regular basis and being fit extend lifespan of a human being approximately by FIVE years . Studies conducted over time have repeatedly shown that even exercising on moderate levels helps in slowing down the aging of body cells .  
You might we asking yourself how is this possible ?? The cells divides over and over as we grow older , the TELOMERES of the cells that are the protective caps on the end of chromosomes starts getting shorter and shorter .  Researchers found that the levels of molecule that protects TELOMERES increases if a human being exercises frequently , which ultimately slows down the shortening of TELOMERES . Therefore , resulting in slowing down the aging of cells .

If you are too busy with your work life and can ’t even take 1 or 2 hours for Workout out , don’t worry , researches conducted by physiologists put forward that a high intensity 15 minute workout in the morning is the medicine for all . It will keep you energetic through the day and it brings improvements in the functioning of heart and controls blood-sugar levels in body .

Still questioning yourself why is it obligatory to workout even 15 minutes then you must know this :
Both carbohydrates and fates are a source of energy for body and if you are working out and exercising every day your body will get better at burning fat , as a lot of oxygen is required to convert fat into energy . Exercise training makes our cardiovascular system stronger indeed making it better at delivering oxygen , hence the body metabolizes more fat as an energy source . Ultimately resulting in fat loss and Improving the overall fitness of a human being .