There is one form of High intensity functional training i.e. rising rapidly all around the world and it is Cross fit . The main focus of the cross fit is on these ten things :

1st – Cardiovascular or respiratory endurance
2nd – Flexibility
3rd – Strength 
4th – Stamina
5th – Agility
6th – Coordination
7th – Accuracy
8th – Speed
9th – Power
10th –  Balance

Training of cross fit includes very high intensity workout sessions in with very less recovery period between the exercise sets , reps of each exercise are performed very fast , keeping the focus on various functional movements . The exercises that are included in cross fit training are : gymnasium , cardio exercises and weightlifting exercises .

Crossfit was founded by a guy named Greg Glassman and he says that the driving force of crossfit is entirely practical.
Cross fit incorporates various elements from numerous sports such as powerlifitng , weightlifting , calisthenics ,etc . And it is also emerged / well recognized as competitive fitness sport as well as a physical exercise for being fit and healthy . People have been disparaging This training because people who do crossfit might suffer from injuries and their muscles might breakdown permanently because of excessive physical exertion.

the primary and most blatant reason to do cross fit is the physical fitness . High strength exercise capitulate results that disagree in a similar way from temperate-intensity efforts. During a peer-reviewed study during which one cluster exercised at temperate intensity for forty five minutes on a fixed bike and therefore the alternative cluster did high-intensity intervals for twenty minutes and burned an equivalent amount of calories, the high-intensity cluster lost nine fold the body fat. Human somatotropin (HGH) and alternative compounds flow into the blood of individuals who run very fast with carrying heavy weights . These kind of growth hormones stimulates the signals in the body that indicated the body to build muscles as well as burn fat present in the body .

The reason behind the CrossFitters fiery devotion is also social. Doing one thing physically intense and tough binds a bunch of individuals. Martial trainers are familiar with this for more than a 1000 years . During crossfit training everybody needs to provide hundred percent effort. There is a wonderful feeling in going physically full-scale with other individuals. It’s not merely a way of triumph or, the fashionable virtue of working out . It’s success, the approach you are feeling once your team beats the opposite team. bound up within sense of success, as in any pack success, is gratitude: that you’re obtaining stronger, which you’re a part of a crowd that may move their personal weight quickly and virtually carry one another, that along you'll leave all that energy out on the ground, 3 or fourfold every week.

Best sportspersons to grandmothers will use the Crossfit methodology of fitness to accomplish their health & fitness goals.if you want be physically fit then crossfit is the best program for you . Crossfit has one thing to supply everybody. Since its beginning it's full-grown in fame and has helped several people reach prime levels of fitness and health .