Bodybuilding is the routine of progressive resistance exercises that enhances the muscular development of human beings body and encourage general fitness and health .

Bodybuilding by means of the prehistoric Greeks served as the foundation and motivation for its practice by the later societies. Modern bodybuilding competition evolved largely out of European strongman theatre and circus acts that were performed in the late 19th century .

The first ever American physique content was held in New York City in 1903 that was put on by Bernarr Macfadden , and the contest was won by : Al Treloar who was named – “ The most perfectly developed Man in the world “ at that time . 

Bodybuilding competitions throughout the world were uncommon until the Mt.America contest was started under the patronage of the Amateur Athletic Union of the United States Of America in 1939.
After this Memorable event the Mr.America winners - John Grimek and Steve Reeves emerged as the Role Model for a generation of upcoming Bodybuilders. The sport boomed rapidly after the world war II and the Mr.America contest was at it’s pinnacle in the Late 1850’s and 1960’s .

At the same time two rival organizations emerged: One was founded by Canadians Joe and Ben Weider in 1946  – The International Federation Of Bodybuilders , and The National Amateur Body-Builders’ Association was established by Oscar Heidenstam in Britain in 1950 . In the later years the Mr. Universe competition that was staged in London became the most influential International Bodybuilding Event for about 25 years.

You might be familiar with the name Arnold Schwarzenegger who was born in Austria and then moved to America to build His career in Bodybuilding is the greatest and most important bodybuilder of All time .He is a 7 times Mr.Olympia title winner He won this title continuously from 1970 to 1975 and then won His 7th Mr. Olympia title in 1980 . His charming personality , splendid physique succeeded by a ground-breaking career in Hollywood Film Industry had a great influence of bodybuilding and fitness related activities on the generations till date
Bodybuilding is not only for Bodybuilders but Normal people Should also do Bodybuilding Exercises daily in order to build muscles and to remain fit .

You Need to be a Fitness Freak if you want to Live a Healthy Life

Triumphant bodybuilding call for a eternal transformation in standard of living that requires to be carried out day in and day out for realizing your targets. If you folks are finding a easy way to for bodybuilding, then You are not a guy or gal for this. Strength of mind and regularity in the implementation of a established bodybuilding arrangement are the solitary means which will keep you going in the long run so that you can make your dream physique come true.

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